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Easter Cakes with 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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In the Filippi 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil Easter Cakes there is not a gram of butter and milk derivatives: they are produced with 100% extra virgin olive oil. Olives are grown, harvested and squeezed in Italy with artisanal and sustainable methods.

Also at Easter Pasticceria Filippi dedicates a thought to customers who can not consume traditional desserts, churning out a very soft and fragrant leavened product.
Thanks to the 100% extra virgin olive oil Easter Cake, Filippi’s customers can choose between two proposals: the classic Colomba revisited with extra virgin olive oil and candied oranges and the most delicious version with the addition of dark chocolate.

Those who are familiar with confectionery production, know well the difficulties encountered in producing quality leavened products using oil instead of butter: but it is equally true that the softness, scent and taste that extra virgin olive oil gives to our Easter desserts is incomparable!