These cakes are prepared with 100% extra virgin olive oil. This precious ingredient is produced by an Italian oil mill, which squeezes only green olives with mechanical and non-invasive methods.

Strucà Filippi is a dessert that is good for your heart! The high percentage of unsaturated fats makes olive oil a panacea for the heart and blood vessels. Phenols are powerful antioxidants and anti-free radicals. Many healthy properties of olive oil were already known from antiquity. For the ancient Romans the oil was, not coincidentally, a symbol of longevity and beauty, so much so that Cleopatra used to take long baths immersed in olive oil.

Preparing high-quality leavened products by replacing butter oil is no easy feat! The extra virgin olive oil has a pleasant but strong taste and aroma: moreover the liquid consistency can create difficulties in the dough. For this reason it is necessary to find the right proportions in the doses and in the preparation and cooking times.

Strucà is a highly digestible dessert completely free of butter and milk derivatives.
Pasticceria Filippi is sure that our Strucà can make you as beautiful as Cleopatra, but, what to say: you have a whole year to experience it!

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