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The Lingotti are small jewels with extra virgin olive oil by Pasticceria Filippi. They are leavened with mother yeast, like all pastry desserts, to obtain a soft and easily digestible dough.

The scent of extra virgin olive oil obtained from cold-pressed olives mixed with the sweet and lively notes of natural candied fruit, creates a delicious and unmistakable fragrance.

Pasticceria Filippi satisfies lovers of extra virgin olive oil at 360° with the Lingotti. The use of extra virgin olive oil in pastry is not always so obvious. Pasticceria Filippi offers the lingotto in numerous recipes: lingotto with orange, with lemon, with black cherry, with chocolate and with apple and cinnamon.

The Filippi Lingotti, precious and light with a colorful and cheeky wrapping, are simply perfect for any occasion!

Pasticceria Filippi is particularly proud of Filippi dessert with extra virgin olive oil, because you encounter several difficulties in trying to obtain high quality leavened products by replacing butter. It took a long time, indeed, to find the right way, but once we found it, we were able to bake an incredibly soft dessert suitable for everyone.

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