The secret of Filippi products lays in research, selection and care. We search for the rarest ingredients, based on genuineness. Selection, as a continuos process and not only once, where ingredients are constantly tested in our workshop.

Jast as in an orchestra, to create a symphony, every instrument has to be in armony with the whole, so it does not suffice that every ingredient is good on its own. Each ingredient has to amalgamate well with our productive techniques and reflecting our business philosophy.

For this reason, from season to season, we reconsider, we update or we reconfirm our ingredients in rispect to the techniques and flavours of tradition that we wish to hand down. We do this without giving up innovation, while keeping our eyes open on the present and maintaining an interest in the future.

We want to be aware of environmental conditions and the care of animals in the environments where our chosen ingredients come from. 

We say no to the exploitation of workers and cruelty to animals, yes to the projects of cooperation between small producers and growers, yes to the preservation of biodiversity and whenever possible we choose local ingredients.