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Artisan Colomba

The artisan Easter cakes, the Colomba (litteraly: Dove), are the most important products of the production of Pasticceria Filippi together with the panettone.

The traditional Easter cake is a symbol of peace: we find this meaning in Genesis when, at the end of the Great Flood, Noah sees a dove arrive with an olive branch in its beak to signify the end of hostilities between the Lord and his people.
A sweet symbol of such an important event must be made with the best raw materials and the love and dedication of every pastry chef.

Filippi artisan colomba are divided into Classic and Special, all characterized by the crunchy icing, rich in Prima Bari Almonds. The Classic Avoriè Colomba have a soft and delicate dough, sweetened by juicy and fragrant cubes of candied orange peel. Pasticceria Filippi also offers the variant without candied fruit, a Colomba of a soft dough stuffed with natural Australian raisins.

Those who love rich desserts with a strong taste will find satisfaction in the Colomba Super Avoriè Classica and in the Super Avoriè Raspberries and Chocolate. To churn out this special recipe it took two years of tests and adjustments.They are, in fact, cakes with enhanced ingredients and for this reason it was necessary to focus on the search for balance: a product like this requires processing and cooking times different from the production of other Filippi Colomba.
We are sure that the result deserves the long wait!