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Special Artisan Panettone


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Special Artisan Panettone

Filippi special panettone are born from a careful research of raw materials and a tireless analysis of the organoleptic properties of each ingredient.

Pasticceria Filippi tries to propose every year some novelties: recipes balanced in taste and aroma, which deviate from the trends dictated by the market to address those proposed by nature.

The fruit used for the candies of Filippi special panettone must be "processed" according to its natural characteristics, which change depending on the fruit. Even for butter Filippi chooses only the best quality that is found crossing the Alps: we do not always find the right ingredient for our recipes at home. Sometimes you need to go a little further to find the best quality.

All special panettoni are produced with artisanal methods. 
At the base, in addition to the ingredients grown according to nature, there is the Mother Yeast, the natural yeast that has been giving life to our cakes for more than 40 years.

It takes three days of work to churn out an artisan panettone made in a workmanlike manner, where time and care are the most important ingredients. To make the delicious recipes we think of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, juicy sour cherries, candied chestnuts ... and pure pistachios, salted caramel, and many other sweet ingredients made to make the panettone really special!

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