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Artisan Christmas Panettone

Filippi artisan Christmas panettoni were born thanks to the work of Maria and Giuliano, who since the 70s carry on the small family pastry shop with love and dedication. Pasticceria Filippi is still based today in Zanè, a village in the province of Vicenza.

Currently the two sons, Andrea and Lorenzo, are taking care of this little treasure. From their parents they learned that it takes time to do good things: our artisan panettone are made with natural yeast and every single ingredient is chosen with religious care and attention. 

All Christmas cakes are baked with love daily. The classic artisan panettone prepared with cold centrifuged butter is the specialty of Pasticceria Filippi. To satisfy even those who cannot consume milk and derivatives, Filippi has developed some recipes with extra virgin olive oil.

The most greedy customers can choose between the "Special" pastry recipes made strictly with artisanal methods starting from the ingredients: all suppliers of raw mat

Artisan Christmas Panettone: how we prepare them

Filippi artisan panettone do not contain preservatives. All Filippi cakes remain naturally good over the time thanks to the careful research of raw materials, the numerous production tests, the improvements that we try to make every year in the laboratory and the training of specialized personnel. 
Maybe that's why they call us “Artisans of Taste”!