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Classic Artisan Panettone


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The classic artisan Panettone is the Christmas cake par excellence!

Pasticceria Filippi prepares panettone according to tradition, focusing a lot on texture and aroma. The fragrance of the dough, the scent of vanilla and candied orange lead directly into the heart of the Christmas atmosphere. Finally, the soft dough satisfies the expectation of all five senses at the first taste. 

Pasticceria Filippi has also thought of those who do not like candied fruit by baking the artisan panettone without candied fruit , the "Damerino Senza Canditi", which is richer in soft and sweet raisins

How many times has it happened during family dinners or among friends to see aunts or guests discard candied fruit from panettone? Knowing the work necessary to make those handmade candied pieces without chemicals and respecting the natural times of fruit, we felt the need to satisfy even those who just can not appreciate them.

The King of Classic Artisan Panettone

The king of classic artisan panettone is the artisan panettone "Super Avoriè", a recipe enhanced in ingredients, developed in almost two years of tests, with a very soft dough and a persistent flavor over time.

How was it possible to achieve it? You surely know that every respectable pastry shop keeps parchments full of secrets in the yeast room: Pasticceria Filippi makes no difference. In any case its secret never contains preservatives or aromas of any kind.

You just have to try one of our delicacies!

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